Create Your Purposeful Life

purposeOne thing I consistently come across in working with my clients is that many of them are not happy or fulfilled in their lives, in terms of a career or in having enough time for themselves to do things that they enjoy and that add balance to their lives. Many tell me that they don’t know what it means to live in the present and almost everyone says they want inner peace. I believe that this is a major reason that we fall apart when our relationships are not going well. It’s because our lives are not fulfilling to begin with. We don’t wake up every morning feeling excited and inspired. Without desire and inspiration, we’re likely to go through the motions and not really experience life.

In order to have the life you desire, you need to uncover what’s keeping you stuck. If your attempts have consistently failed at losing weight, changing careers, finding a relationship, getting projects completed or anything else that’s holding you back from living the life you desire, it’s because you’re not committed to what you say you want. This process works to uncover what you’re most committed to, and to shift everything that prevents you from moving forward in your life and having a life that you love. The intention of this process is to find your passion, your heart’s inner most desires of what you want for your life here on the planet. Our passion is what makes our heart sing and brings us to live our fullest life.



Blueprint Coaching is designed by the late, Debbie Ford and her staff and is based on her seminal works, “The Dark Side of The Light Chasers”, Why Good People Do Bad Things” and “The Secret of The Shadow. It is a proven effective 13 week process that leads to personal transformation. This work is about unconcealing our unconscious Blueprint, our set of instructions that we operate by and that determines what we can and cannot have in life. This coaching works around a vision and goal and works to break through obstacles and limitations and works to proactively lead one into action.