Access Your Courage And Confidence

confidenceIf you believed with 100% certainty that you were fully supported and loved more than you ever felt possible, would you feel more confident?

If you believed that you were protected and cared for in all the ways that you’ve dreamed about, would you feel more courageous?

If you believed that it was possible to love your fear and make it your greatest ally, would you take more risks?

In every woman, there’s a Courageous Warrior Woman who knows with 100% certainty that she is loved beyond measure, protected and supported always and is dedicated to her mission of bringing her compassion and love to the world through her God given gifts. She is free from all resentment and emotional baggage and sees her challenges as opportunities to serve her mission and to live an extraordinary life. She steps over mediocrity and believes that abundance is everywhere and that love prevails.

When you meet your Courageous Warrior Woman, you will be changed forever. You will be unrecognizable to yourself and to others. You will see your past differently. You will begin living in the present moment. You will move toward your future powerfully and steadfastly. Most of all, you won’t let fear get in the way of your dreams.

10 Weekly Phone Sessions

(Lasting 1 1/2 hours each)

Courage Coaching is designed by the late, Debbie Ford and her staff and is based on her newest and ninth best-selling book, Courage. It is a proven effective transformational 10 week process where you examine and shift an area of your life where you are stuck and dissatisfied, such as relationships, health or career path. I nickname this process “The Final Frontier”, as it propels one into powerful movement in a very short period of time in a confident, inspired way. It’s thrilling for me to see these women soar! I get emails and letters that blow me away and fill my heart with joy. This is hands down, the most powerful work I’ve ever experienced. If you’re a procrastinator, this is for you!